Art, quadruple bypass, 65 years old. Connecticut.

I love my cardigan with the Bypass Crew Crest. It was given to me as a gift and it is simply the best. It is a dignified and classy way to remember all that heart bypass surgery and the recovery is. It’s invaluable when I go out to restaurants with friends. And always a conversation piece.

Frank, quadruple bypass, 78 years old. Oregon.

I wear my Bypass Crew sweatshirt constantly. I love it when my new friends ask what the heart represents. I tell them I had quadruple bypass surgery 7 years ago and watch them be amazed.

Alice, wife of a quintuple bypass patient. 85 years. Florida.

I gave my husband a Bypass Crew sweater and he wears it all the time. He had the emergency surgery years ago. I think he wears it to remind himself of all the extra quality years he has had. Thanks.

Marvin, 72, triple bypass. Michigan.

I have 5 shirts and sweaters. They are my standard golf attire. Love em. Just love em.

Chuck, triple bypass, 69 Missouri.

Here are my two top post-surgery “bests.” Being able to walk without getting out of breath and my Bypass Crew sweater and polo shirts. There is just something about looking at that Crest and knowing you have passed through that operation and feel so good. Thanks and thanks again.

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