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Last updated April 21, 2016


Bypass Crew is not responsible for shipping errors due to a customer submitting a mistaken address. Please make sure the shipping address you provide is accurate. Once product is delivered to the carrier it is then the responsibility of that carrier. Bypass Crew makes every effort to deliver product as quickly as possible. If inventory is low or delays are experienced in production shipment may take 7-10 business days.

If it takes a little longer than is ideal we apply our mantra. “That is not what we like and we will try to do better but the one thing we have learned here, and we have learned it very well, is we are not going to have a heart attack over this.”


Returns will be accepted within 14 days of shipping from Bypass Crew. All returns will be granted exchange credit equal to the value of the initial purchase. Customers are responsible for the cost of the return shipment.

Submission of Your Story

With the submission of “your story” you grant Bypass Crew the permission to edit and publish that submission and hold Bypass Crew harmless for doing so. While there are no strict rules please try to keep your submission to 750-1000 words or under. If you feel you need to go to greater length please do. These experiences are important and they are important to share.

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