If you've had open heart bypass surgery,

You are well aware of its impact both physically and emotionally. It is a demarcation in life. And it puts you in a very elite and small group. The Bypass Crew Crest identifies you as one who has passed through this very big challenge. Wearing it shows others you have life yet ahead and you are normal and active.

If you have a loved one who is going to have or has had open heart bypass surgery this is a gift that will convey your concern and your love and do so in a distinguished and dignified manner. And it will be lasting and useful. Buy them a sweater, or a polo shirt, or a sweat shirt. Or buy a couple of them, each one showing the number of bypasses they had in their surgery. It can be a very emotional and gratifying experience for the giver but especially so for the recipient. They will know you care for them and that in some degree you have gone through the experience with them. They will think of you each time they wear it.

I have worn the Bypass Crew Crest for years now.

I don’t wear it every day but I do wear it frequently. It’s not uncommon for a complete stranger to ask me what the heart means or what it stands for. I would say that 80-90% of the time I wear these shirts and sweaters someone asks me what the heart and the “5X” means. It happened to me again just a couple of days ago while I was standing in a small specialty shop being assisted by a clerk and one week later while I was attending church. I am always forthright in telling them I had open heart bypass surgery with 5 bypasses and I am happy and healthy and much more appreciative of the life I have.

Of course, there are those who know exactly what the crest represents. They simply point to it and give me a thumbs up, and with that, we have an immediate bond. This trademark stands as the preeminent symbol of open heart bypass surgery. Every patient can wear it and wear it with reverence, gratitude and to some small extent pride. Please explore the site and return often. And please, leave us your story.

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